Société clinical skin care and CosMedix are sincerely dedicated to your well-being. These are not your ordinary over the counter skin care products which have no effect on the skin. These products contain professional-strength medications that are safe and effective when used properly. You may order retail items by calling Terri at (775)232-1497. Visa and Mastercard accepted

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LED Light Skin Therapy
Custom Facial $75
Acne Medi-Facial $85
Radiant Up-Lift Facial $100

This extraordinary treatment will create immediate visual results! If you have a special occasion or are seeking a youthful uplift, then this anti-oxidant facial is for you! Your skin will feel fresh, your face will have a youthful, stress-free appearance that will remain with you for several days.


Facial peel program  Pricing Varies

Once determined that your skin is ready for a peel or a series of peels for the purpose of improving the health, look and feel of your skin, we can join together and embark on this endeavor. These are the peels of choice that can have profound favorable effects on your skin for a long time. This program replaces many other treatments of old type peels.

These peels are in a class of themselves.

Société Transition Peel Price $275
Société Transition Dermal Edge Peel $150
CosMedix Purity Peel   $125
CosMedix Benefit Peel   $85
CosMedix Pomegranate Peel    $85
CosMedix Timeless Peel $275

What kind of conditions can peels help? Peels are often used to treat: acne; aging skin; dull, weathered skin; excessive sebaceous oils; post acne scarring; blackheads and whiteheads; blotchy pigmentation; stretch marks; sun spots; dark skin discoloration; wrinkles.

Epidermal Leveling $100
Using an Epiblade procedure to exfoliate the skin properly, by not inflaming it, allowing for products to penetrate & brighten.  
Microdermabrasion $100
See dramatic increases in the tone, texture & color of treated areas by removing dull surface layers of the skin.
Makeup For All Occasions $30 and up
Consultations and makeovers with Youngblood Mineral Makeup  
The Eyes Have It! Eyelash Extensions $250 Full Set
$50 Touch Up

Semi-permanent eyelash extension will give you the longer, thicker lashes you have always wanted. Single extensions are adhered to individual natural lashes leaving a natural look. Please allow 2 hours for first application and 1 hour for touch ups.
*Touch ups are within 3 weeks

Grooming Aesthetics $10 and up

Waxing: eyebrows; lip; chin; underarms; bikini; legs; arms; Brazilian; back; chest
Eyebrow tinting; eyelash tinting

Anesi Parafango Bodywrap $130 and up
Experience the amazing parafango bodywrap! using the thermal effects of paraffin wax and sea mud to obtain visible and long-lasting results. An invigorating exfoliation followed by a massage with an ampoule serum, either Aminocell for cellulite or Aminodren for inch loss. A thick layer of warm, hydrating parafango is then applied while you relax in a cocoon of thermal blankets. Parafango not only reduces cellulite and trims inches, it also detoxifies, reduces water retention, increases energy, promotes circulation and relieves joint pain. 90 minutes
Sunless Tanning $75
St. Tropez Body Bronze is a premium formula which provides rich, seamless color. A true spa lie-down treatment.

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Please allow 24-hour notice for cancellation. There will be a charge of 50% of the scheduled service for less than 24 hour notice. Any appointments over $100 require a credit card number to secure the appointment.